Can I try DataMate before I buy?

Yes, we have available a free 30 day trial account for your testing purposes.

To try out DataMate simply signup for our free 30 day trial account via the website or by contacting one of our staff. You will be provided with a 10Gb account for 30 days.

At the end of the 30 day period if you are happy to go ahead with the service we will continue your account on your chosen account plan.


Should you not wish to continue using DataMate your trial account will be stopped and data stored on our server will be removed.

If you require more storage space for extended testing, or any other features ( such as MS SQL or Exchange Agents ), please contact support.

Do you have a reseller / white label program ?

Yes, we have available a white label program specially to support IT consultants and resellers in a supported, fully integrated offsite backup solution for their client base.

Please Contact us today for further information.

What happens if I need to restore files?

When you do need your files back, DataMate’s service team are here to help you through the recovery process.

You have 3 options available :

1. Restore Files quickly and easily using the DataMate Software – simply follow the instructions to restore all files or only selected files.

2. Login through the Web Console to access your files from any computer connected to the Internet – again simply follow the instructions to restore all files or only the selected files you need.

3. Contact support for ‘Emergency Dispatch’ of removable hard disk. This is inclusive in your service ( no hidden charges ! ), and is the best option if you have large amounts of information to recover.

Remember we are here to help, please contact us if you require assistance in any recoveries.

What do I need to do each day inorder to backup my files?

Absolutely nothing.

Once you schedule the time and frequency of your backups during installation, DataMate backups run automatically.

Email messages will send you reports to inform you that backups have been completed and will alert you of any errors encountered. Our support Engineers will ensure your backups occur smoothly, and with no issues.  So you can rest assured that your data is being backed up safely.

How often should I use DataMate?

You can schedule DataMate to run as frequently as you require, this can be daily, weekly or monthly you choose.

Because DataMate backs up without any intervention required by you and only sends changed or added data we recommend that backups be done daily, this way you will ensure that your backed up data is up to date and secure at the end of everyday should you need to restore any or all files.

If you have any questions relating to your specific requirements, please contact us.

What is the difference between Onsite and Offsite backup?

Initially Onsite and Offsite backups work in much the same way, you choose which files you want backed up and how often and you send them to the appropriate storage area.

In an Onsite backup this may be a tape drive or CD and in the case of the Offsite backup it is sent securely across the internet to our backup servers.

There are many advantages to the Offsite backup over the onsite backup though and these include the following:

Onsite backup requires someone to remember to do the backups regularly, making sure the correct tape or CD is inserted to ensure the backup gets completed.
DataMate offsite backup offers complete protection of your files from natural disasters and theft, if your office is broken into or catches on fire you data is protected in a separate location safe and secure.
With onsite backups this can only be achieved if your backup tapes or CDs are removed from the premises every night a time consuming and inconvenient task.
DataMate allows the remote monitoring of backups, so business owners are confident they are occuring frequently and correctly.

How much data can I backup?

You can backup as much or as little data as you like, you are in control.  Our current carrying capacity on our stage one roll-out is just under 30TB.
The amount of storage space required will depend upon the amount of files that you wish to protect. Our minimum space purchase is currently 10GB and any usage above this will be charged accordingly.

We are flexible if you require more storage space on our servers, and will attempt to contact you in cases where we feel you are approaching the limit setup on your plan.

Remember that DataMate compresses your data as it travels to our servers so 10GB of data on your computer will equate to less than that on our servers. If you need help in choosing the right plan please contact our staff, we can advise on your requirements.

How will the speed of my internet connection affect my backups?

You can use DataMate effectively over most internet connections.

Though a faster connection will enable both faster backups and recovery.

Generally most people schedule for backups to occur out of business ours ( evening or early morning ) to ensure Data on our servers is up-to-date with business operations.

The initial backup will be the most time consuming part of the process and depending on the amount of data you wish to backup and the speed of your internet connection could take a few hours to more than several days. Inclusive in your service is the dispatch of a removable hard disk to speed this process up via courier, anywhere within Australia !

After this process the in-file delta technology used by DataMate means that only changes or additions to your files will be backed up meaning for fast efficient backup sessions no matter what your internet speed.

What operating systems are supported?

DataMate is currently available for use on the following Windows operating systems:

Windows 95/98/ME
Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 (32-bit, 64-bit)
Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit)

Mac OS X 10.4.X

Other platforms will be supported in the near future, contact us for more details

How Secure is DataMate?

DataMate uses a 128 bit encryption when storing backup files to the server with choices of different encryption algorithms and modes making sure your data is in safe hands.

On top of this each user of Datamate has the ability to restrict online access to their backed up files to allow access to approved users only.

All our backup servers are housed in start of the art secure City based Data centres for added security and privacy, with Class-A style features ensuring our equipment and network hosting your data is secured physically ( UPS, Diesel Generator, CCTV, Dual Redundant Internet Feeds, Multiple Geographical Data Sites )

What is DataMate?

DataMate is a Secure Backup Service which uses your internet connection to backup your data files safely offsite.

It is a hassle free way in which to protect your valuable data. You choose which files you want to backup and how often, then you can sit back and relax while DataMate does the rest.

You can feel safe knowing that your data is stored offsite, securely and privately and is available for immediate recovery should the need arise.

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