DataMate has been developed to help businesses protect their important data from disaster automatically, conveniently and securely. DataMate uses the latest technology and secure encryption techniques to send your data from your computer to our secured remote backup server via the internet.

With DataMate the requirement to manually backup your data is no longer an inconvenience as automatic schedules backup data at set times ensuring peace of mind that your important data is well protected.

Features include:

  • Programmable schedules so you choose which information to backup and how often.
  • Backup and restore at the click of a button.
  • Backups are performed automatically according to your schedule – no further input required.
  • Your data is transmitted using secure encryption techniques so your data remains private at all times.
  • After initial backup only changes made to your files are ever sent to the server meaning backups happen faster, even over dial-up modem connections.
  • Old versions of your files are stored in case you ever need to go further back than your last backup. Eg. to recover a corrupted file.
  • Backs up files even if they are in use at the time, with no interruptions to workflow.
  • Email reports advise you daily of the status of your last backup, alerting you to any problems which may have inhibited the backup from occuring.
  • Restoring your data is simple, quick and cost free; all you need is a working internet connection.
  • Backup servers are located in Class A Data facilities with dual redundancy server backups.
  • Affordable and maintenance free with full system support.

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